The New Baby

Seed to fruit to form to person

Infinitesimal comma grows large, delineating as it forms

You come through the pressure of birth and we see

Velvety skin, perfect nubbins of toes on soft curled feet

Soft dark eyes dreamily open and close

fingers extend then curve back, aimless

a heel pushes a leg out longer, then tucks it back

To belly, under a bum that can fit in our palm

Your rosebud mouth is the first sign of your agency, as it searches

for direction


Your experimental sister gets mommy’s orange fan from her purse and fans at your face

this is the first


To move air swiftly across your beautiful skin and

Your eyes go wide

and you are



6 thoughts on “The New Baby

  1. Fran,
    Your word choice is spectacular. I love how you started out as a progression from the seed. The image of a comma, That motion of the heel – I see it! The idea that the mouth is the first sign of agency is so true. And then enters the big sister with the fan! This combination says so much about “welcome” and safety and protection and care and family. You captured your grandson’s first moments so well but also the concept of all newborns so well. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh, this is lovely! As Sally already noted, your word choice is wonderful. I love the turn with the entry of the sister and fan and how this changes the tone of the poem from dreamy to alert and “aware”. Beautiful! Congratulations to all!


  3. Fran, I too have a new grandson, so these lines touch my heart, as did your tag. I simply have no words to describe my awe at this little being and his perfection. I don’t remember feeling this way when my children were born. Perhaps there were too many fears and other stressors that competed for my focus. It’s a paradox. Anyway, love the poem!


  4. The details are beautifully breathtaking. Love for this new baby clearly radiates. I find it fascinating that you end with describing the baby’s eyes going wide, leaving a vibe of vibrant life.


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