Childhood Dangers

Keep that door closed

I don’t want to see down those stairs.

You could slip and crack your head

The cat cowers behind the basement dryer

With its wounded ear

Slugs slide up concrete steps

There is fire in the driveway

And caterpillars fall from the tree

Photo credit: Naple Gray on DeviantArt

11 thoughts on “Childhood Dangers

  1. Powerful poem- I feel like I’m a nervous mom and always warning my kids about things to work out for!


  2. Oh, I love your take on this fabulous prompt. There’s such a sense of menace here. It fascinates me that those caterpillars falling out of trees add another thicker layer of dread. Well done! Also, thanks so much for sharing the original prompt as it’s one I’m definitely going to play with in my notebook.


  3. Oh, the perils our parents fretted with us. So much can happen, and does, and looking for the dangers in a map by using a picture to predict the pitfalls is a great way to motivate writers. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Your poem is so compelling – now I want to give it a try! When I think of all the dangers of my childhood home, some big ones are unseen, and others surely wouldn’t have been mentioned by my parents (say, secondhand cigarette smoke).


  5. The specific details are delectable: the slugs and caterpillars. How can you tell that there is a fire in the driveway?

    I might have missed part of this prompt? Is it a picture prompt?


    1. Ah, no not a picture prompt. These are actual childhood memories. I just google searched a picture to accompany it.
      The prompt was to map your childhood home (draw or write about it) and then to note places where there was danger.


  6. I’m so, so glad to read your poem and look forward to more opportunities to grow our writing! I found I was holding my breath by the end of your poem!


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