I don’t know how to pray, or

Who to pray to but when

My daughter was hurt I

Breathed for her, felt my lungs

Expand and I pressed her

Feet, to warm them with my warmth and I

Loved the circle of old ladies in Honduras

Who I was told were praying for her and I

Imagined fairies winding strong golden wire

Around and around and around

To knit her pelvis back

Together, and I wonder,

Is this prayer?

10 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. So breathtakingly beautiful. I can feel your exhale as you push these hopes, these pleas, these prayers out in a hopeful whoosh. I am not at all sure what prayer is either. I once felt so strongly that I did know, but now… I will forever think about your words and define it thus.


  2. Your poem feels like the most powerful type of prayer–intense, heartfelt and so beautiful. I hope you share your words with your daughter and that she has fully recovered.


  3. This is a mother’s prayer for certain. And a beautiful one at that. I feel your ache and desire for healing. Thank you so much for sharing and I’m sending extra prayers your way in hopes that healing has or will happen.


  4. So beautiful and so poignant. I am thinking how moms breathe for the babies in the beginning, before they’re born…then that metaphor of breathing for them when hurt…so very powerful and true. Willing the healing to happen. I can see those old Honduran ladies gathered round her, and even the fairies knitting broken bones. As for prayer – yes. “Amen” means “so be it.”


  5. So deep and full of love in a few short lines. I love your image of the golden wire holding the pelvis together. It must have been so traumatic. I hope she is fully recovered now. So good to know that local ladies were praying for her too.


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