How Children Succeed- a spine poem

This is my 7th year in this challenge, but still- writing every day is hard!

So I am taking some detours and inspiration from others. Yesterday I tried a pantoum poem, today I’m trying a “spine poem.” (Full transparency- I looked down on spine poems as lazy and not real writing. But I found that I did have fun pulling books and ordering them, seeing what ideas emerged along the way…)

Billions of years, amazing changes

How children succeed-

By nature’s design

By the light of the glow-worm lamp

Simple magic tricks


Places of the soul-

Mud works

Imaginary gardens

For laughing out loud

synergy dance

6 thoughts on “How Children Succeed- a spine poem

  1. Book spine poetry is always fun. It’s just amazing how much you can mess up your bookshelves while doing it. Love the pure sense of play and childhood that you evoked with these titles.


  2. You know I love book stacks… keeping this idea in my back pocket. Truly adore your spine poem and how it’s rooted in play. And that’s how we keep slicing… we keep playing with language.


  3. I love the choices you made, but mostly the idea that children grow and succeed with lots of exposure to nature and lessons learned outside. This made me happy and gave me a few new titles to check out!


  4. That turned out so beautiful! I like the list of how children succeed, and the insinuation that it is actually magic trick…..actually, I love so many of the lines–the way you arranged the titles makes them feel so meaningful.


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