Portrait of an Artist

Many of us want to be an artist. To be the noun you have to do the verb. How do you make art? I wonder. I look for inspiration, and…

The most genuine artist I know is my granddaughter, Stargirl. 

When she invents a paper laundry hamper for her new baby brother-

When she paints her aunt’s nails with three colors, her mother’s leg in face paints-

When she takes a baby shoe and inserts the dollhouse baby into the velcro strap, for a stroller-

When she chooses sprinkles for the cake-

When she draws her dream-

When she arranges broken balloon bits, flower petals, and trash into a collage on the park bench-

When she finds a piece of branch by the pond and adds a stick mast and leaf sail-

When she sends rows of emojis-

When she paints thick watery shapes and then tips the paper to let them run-

When she takes the shriveled morning glory blossom and blows air into it to revive it’s shape-

She surprises and delights me with her art. I will be striving to rid myself of cliches and limits, I will seek to be surprising and fresh. Like my mentor, Stargirl.


7 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist

  1. Some people have a natural born talent and an artist’s eye for seeing what others don’t. Sounds like your granddaughter is one of those people. Me, I look at a stick and see a stick.


  2. Oh my gosh, I get chills when I read about Stargirl (and do I love her name? Thoughts of Jerry Spinelli’s character flood me; I see the similarity, too) The baby stroller from her shoe with the velcro just slays me. That the world is so new and wonder-filled—inspiring and worth cherishing. Enjoy!


  3. I love this slice. Crafting it as a long list is so perfect!! Each example shows another creative aspect of your amazing granddaughter. The writing is so good because the writer took time to notice. And then each example is deceived in detail. Thanks for sharing about this artist!


  4. This post. It’s charming, and wonderful, and marvelous, just like Stargirl’s offerings. I love the way you’ve brought each of these images to us, almost like a bouquet of wildflowers – and then you end with the photo of her creation. I’m still smiling. =))

    Just tell me that at some point you’ll share this writing so she knows how awesome you think she is!


  5. Fran, the specific artworks and creations of Stargirl made me smile throughout your post. I love that you are inspired by her creativity and freedom to create. Wouldn’t the world be better if we were all open to the joy and free-flowing creations of youth. Beautiful post.


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