Ode to iPad

At first I was an indulgence,
A shiny extravagance.
Ah, she thought, that pretty gold, slim shape, rounded corners.
I replaced the Kindle, that dull black box,
Now all the stories are on me.
I get to travel, and always in the backpack-
Carried on, never checked.
At work I become the back-up,
The security blanket, Plan B, C and D
With a short white toggle I connect
To (most) other machines (usually) when I am needed.
The work computers share with me,
PowerPoints, spreadsheets, float through the cloud to me
I have power, I access all that and more.
I have potential, there are applications yet to be discovered.
I am also trivial, I deliver
Wordle, Waffle, Quordle, Minicross, and Spelling Bee
Daily hours are whiled away on me.
Don’t forget, I am a conduit for zooming,
Face-time and what’s app,
Beloved faces and voices appear, wobbling
In and out of my screen’s view
The cats come to visit through me.
I have kept company
In hospital rooms, on vacations,
In sickness and in health.
My gold still shines cleanly though
There is a rip in my dark cover
It must be said, I have been dropped,
Sometimes hard
We might have to admit, maybe just one time too many, now.
My screen always held up but I could feel
Something shift inside, perhaps
A wire, a mini circuit,
My heart or my brain? Something is wrong
I turn on, then go dark,
Try and try again, over and over,
I ….

Image from free iStock

5 thoughts on “Ode to iPad

  1. I hope my comment here finds you safely in Spain!
    First, I marvel at how much you write in 30 minutes! And I know how this ode was actually one of two pieces you wrote on your yellow legal pad due to your ipad issues last week. You called it a silly piece. But seeing it typed here and rereading it, I don’t see it that way at all. I see it more as a period piece. Some day that next thing will be what we use and revisiting this slice will remind your soon-to-be born grandchild #3 of all the things Grandma did with this tool she called an ipad. By personifying the ipad, it is a stronger piece. It is also strong because you included so many specifics,even including all those trivial games you play on it (a few I may now look up as I only know Wordle!) Now go read my slice which is really an ode to YOU but not written as cleverly as your slice and then go have a LOVELY day in SPAIN. So glad we are in-person writing partners!! I’m so lucky (unlike your iPad!)


  2. Technology seems to have a personality and we tend to build relationships with them. There’s comfort in using an IPad you are accustomed to. Your old IPad seems to have been a good device. This is a lovely tribute before you choose a new one.


  3. Oh, no! I’m sorry your iPad pooped out. The poem is fantastic, a bit like the narrator in Kara and the Sun (which I’ve not yet finished, so…). Will you be ordering a new, sleeker iPad? I wish AppleDe a reader w/out a shiny screen. I find Apple screens subpar for reading books.


  4. This ode, like your iPad, is GOLD! So so clever to weave the many moments of your life through personification. Your writing brightened my day! Retirement suits you; have a wonderful trip!


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