Landing in a Storm

The hawk rarely plummets from the sky

The ladybug’s ungainly body still can fly

We click the buckle and trust, that so will I.

5 thoughts on “Landing in a Storm

  1. Fran, not much excites me more than travel and discovering new adventures. And as much as I’ve traveled, I still – – still – – still get a slightly what if feeling every time the wheels leave the ground. It’s exciting, but it’s also a little unnerving. I’m with you, friend. Gorgeous photo!


  2. Fran, I echo Kim’s comment. Your poem is gorgeous. I love the hawk and ladybug imagery and the implications about faith both in nature and in engineering each line implies.


  3. YES! Flight itself seems to be a miracle of nature, and the fact that we can put those enormous tubes of metal up in the air will endlessly be amazing to me.


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