My Words

My words will not create fire that consumes,
Or seismic waves felt far and wide
Or a tornado wind that lifts you and sends you away
No, my words are more like misty rain
You might notice them when season transitions to another season
So fold up your umbrella and put it aside,
I’d like for you to hear them.

Image credit: St. George Island United Methodist Church

13 thoughts on “My Words

  1. What a lovely poem to end this March Writing Challenge.
    It takes me back to that first year you participated with me at Janney.
    As a celebration, I played the video clip from the Wizard of Oz for the kids as a way to show how writing takes us from the black and white tornado-world of Kansas to the Technicolor-world of Oz. You gifted me with the most vibrant orange roses that day. I love all the times I put down my umbrella and took time to hear your words! I am truly grateful that I met you at Janney and continue to have time to write with you. Can’t wait to hear your words written in retirement! Thanks you Fran. It’s an honor to call you my writing partner!


    1. I remember that video, and seeing it in your classroom that first year! You are a master teacher, Sally, and a true friend and wonderful writing partner. Right back at ya ❤ ❤ ❤


    2. I found Fran’s writing quite by accident one day when reading random slices here. I was blown away by her craftsmanship and by the person I was discovering. I had no idea you two knew each other but I shouldn’t be surprised… two amazing people, gifted teachers and writers. Thanks for bringing me into this writing fold, Sally.


  2. That comment was way cooler with line breaks, but anyway. Grateful to have spent the month with you, your writing paints a picture every time I have a chance to swing by. Keep writing, please!


  3. Your words are always a source of inspiration. I look forward to reading your slices and sharing life with you during that time. Although I am a big fan of rain, I will fold up my umbrella if it helps me hear you better. And you know, it rains a lot in March:)


  4. A terrific farewell to this year’s challenge. Enjoy the last few months of your class. I’m sure your school, colleagues, students and staff will miss you.


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