I recently wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about retirement. About all the wonderful and healthy things I would surely be doing when I am retired. I opened with the intention to be up and out early for a walk, limbered by 7 AM. In fact, I am reflecting, that should be a priority.

As I walk to work every morning of my 59 days remaining (counting? Me?) I begin down my alley and turn left on Davenport Street. Though I live in the city, this particular spot has a good expanse of sky and I love how it is always different, often surprising me as I turn that corner.

Depending on the season I might venture out while the sky is still a deep velvety blue-black. Or it might be cloud-washed white. Or I might just be there in time for the sunrise.

Here are two walking-to-work photos. Though I do believe that photos of the sky are always a disappointment. Perhaps paint is better.

Turning the corner
The new day emerges

Why stay in bed and miss the transition to a new daylight? Perhaps a metaphor for this time of my life.

6 thoughts on “Early

  1. I love this reflection on that small, small moment, just the few steps out into the alley and one turn. It is so true how certain spots allow you to see more of the sky and depending on the time, it will look different, especially when you are lucky enough to catch the rise of the sun. I do hope you can arise and walk and view once you retire. But the. I hope you can enjoy the return to your lovely back porch to sip a cup of tea as your cats wonder why you are back. You also surprise me with your countdown but I guess now that it’s definitely happening, the count begins! So glad you added the photos. Imagining even more spectacular in person, causing that surprised moment. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’m struck by resonances in your slice: the turn from the alley opening into a wider view (thanks for the pictures) and the coming turn in your life from a defined professional lane to an opening into whatever’s next.

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  3. I connect with this piece so deeply. I also have a natural inclination to wake up early to catch the parts of the world that are still quiet and undisturbed. Your morning walk to work holds a magic that isn’t the same any other time of day. I am so excited for you and your 59-day journey to retirement.


  4. Fifty-nine days! You SHOULD be counting! How exciting. I’m sure that, at first, you will enjoy having all the time in the world. But after you get used to being retired you may long for that view again, get up early to revisit the view and then head back home for a nap. Perfect morning.


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