That March Calendar

One way to think about time passing is to imagine getting so many blank slate moments in our lives. Finding fresh new beginnings. I’m feeling it today.

Teachers, don’t we start each new school year by sharing “Hopes and Dreams?” This writing challenge is no different, so in this my eighth year (wohoo!) I will start by reflecting and “saying aloud” my hopes and dreams for March 2022 writing. I have prepared my March writing calendar, blank, but with 31 squares to fill in. What will be my 31 titles, photos, small moments, crafted pieces?

I hope to write each day. I hope to regain that writerly feeling of looking for the story, or the image to describe, feeling to capture, or the metaphor to craft, each day.

I hope to continue to write Covid memoir, because we are still here, and yet it is also different two plus years later. Because we write in March I feel I travelled that covid path with this TWT group from the beginning. We’ll see where reflecting on that takes me and I hope to read that from others of you as well.

Retirement- I will retire this June! Let me capture school small moments while I still have them, and reflect on my last months.

I hope to write some poetry. I hope to cloak some of my more difficult pieces in a veneer of fiction, because sometimes that helps me get them down. I need practice with creating or capturing dialogue. I hope to learn some new things to try from reading your work this month.

Mostly I want to dive into and savor those small moments, to observe honestly and describe faithfully. There is something so special in catching a small moment and keeping it. As I look over my blog pieces from other years I see it is more than “living life twice.” It is finding the meaning in the ordinary. John Lennon said ‘life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.’ I want to notice the life I’m living.

As we thrust ourselves through our busy days, here’s to finding the meaning in the mundane Cheers to sharing those stories, those small moments, with you all.

12 thoughts on “That March Calendar

  1. Your link worked! I love the calendar idea to keep track of your thoughts! I might have to try that…esp. as a 1st time slicer! Congratulations on retiring this year!!!!


  2. Cheers to your hopes for this next month of writing! This one struck me the most: “I hope to write each day. I hope to regain that writerly feeling of looking for the story, or the image to describe, feeling to capture, or the metaphor to craft, each day.” This brings me back to my early days of slicing, when I was living in Shanghai. I captured so much of what was happening in my life, always looking for a possible slice. Those were some of my favorite slices. I hope to get back to that this year. Happy first day of slicing! 🙂

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  3. Fran! So happy to see your words again. Your encouragement last year during slicing brought be back. I hope that this March will be a time of reflection and refreshment. Happy Slicing

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  4. Fran, I like how you’ve reflected at the start of this month, mapping out a variety of ways to approach daily writing. I may borrow some of your ideas.
    I have enjoyed your memoir as fiction pieces and look forward to reading more of these.

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  5. Fran, I love how you applied Hopes and Dreams to this challenge. Just like the beginning of the school year, this month is truly a blank slate with so many possiblities for us as writers. Can’t wait to see where the month takes you!


  6. Fran!
    You’re retiring this year?!?
    You will be dearly missed. Never have I seen such a compassionate and thoughtful educator like yourself.

    Xoxoxo cheers to a new chapter


  7. Fran- this piece really spoke to me, from the blank slate filled with hope to living life in the moment. Wow to year 8 of slicing and your upcoming retirement! I too want “to observe honestly and describe faithfully” alongside you. Happy slicing!

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  8. I love and so relate to the beauty of noticing this particular month of the year. During a class discussion today, I thought, “oohhhh, I could turn this moment into a story… I could..” and started thinking about craft moves. Looking forward to writing alongside you!

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  9. Dear Fran,

    How befitting! You capture the thrill, expectation, resolve and excitement in this beautifully worded piece with such awareness and vulnerability. I find it easy to linger at each paragraph, turning over in my mind the many connections so readily noticed.

    I am eager to join you in this journey, contemplating it for the eleven months prior to its arrival. Your post is a reminder to me that our connectivity as writers transcends the many challenges we may face individually.

    In this community, I see the ties that bind us, and I am greatly anticipating the epiphanies that lie ahead. Thank you so much for sharing!

    ~Dr. Brown

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