Top 10 Ways My Grandchildren’s Life is Different From My Own

10. They think croissants are a required food group.

9. They have always ridden an elevator to get home.

8. They know the word “logo” by first grade.

7. They know boys don’t have to wear blue and girls don’t have to wear pink and purple.

6. They love Peppa Pig.

5. Their passport photos are of infants.

4. They know more fruits, and more sea creatures.

3. Airplanes are useful but not all that thrilling.

2. They are used to being with people who speak a language they don’t know, or are learning, and are comfortable with that.

1. KinderEggs!

Morning view from my grandchildren’s apartment window, in Spain.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways My Grandchildren’s Life is Different From My Own

  1. What a lovely and humorous list! Fascinating how our lives overlap but are so incredibly different in certain aspects. Ah, and those KinderEggs! Truth! When I was going through customs in Germany and my egg had been crushed in my luggage at inspection, this was the only time I ever saw compassion in the airport. Clearly the customs agents were going back to their childhoods. I didn’t speak their language, but that was a shared moment of sadness!


  2. What a fun way to value their life in Spain! My kids were raised internationally and while much is different there are similarities too. Makes me think I could write a similar post about how different it is living where I do.


  3. Fran,
    What an amazing view for your grandchildren out their window. I’m so glad you were able to spend time with them in their space and learn more about these differences. Beautiful post that made me smile. I put Kinder eggs in my children’s stockings when they have come to Bahrain for Christmas. (Two daughters and their partners, too!)


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