Better Together

Valencia, Spain, July 2, 2021

Better to see the dusting of freckles,

StarGirl’s hair shining in the sun and BlueCat’s cowlick

Brace for the knee-tackle-hug, feel the lean-in on the sofa,

the neck kisses

Better to see the hurt feeling, 

Mood changes shift over dear faces like

Clouds make color change over the ocean 

Better to be there so StarGirl can ask about my hand-veins,

As she tries to smooth my hand to be like hers

Better to hear BlueCat’s laugh break out

as he laboriously reads at the table 

Better to see BlueCat old enough to zoom ahead on the scooter,

Around the bend and out of sight and

StarGirl old enough to push off after him, lean with one leg out,

Make up a sweet song as she rolls,

Better to be a receiver of gifts, 

of paper and flower, seed and feather,

Eat the bread crusts, like I used to do for their mother,

It’s so simple, we always knew- 

someday-it would be



Gifts from my granddaughter, StarGirl

4 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. Fran, wow! What a great post and such sweet images of you and your grandchildren. I see that they know you well from online visits, but it is great that you were together. For real paper and nature gifts and bread crusts! Lovely!


  2. It is so good that restrictions are being lifted and we can once again be with friends and family. The joy of your being with your grandchildren resonates throughout your piece.


  3. Fran,
    You highlight those moments that hadn’t happened across a zoom call so well.
    It is definitely BETTER TOGETHER!!
    So glad you added the photo of Stargirl’s gift’s too!


  4. There are so many gifts you’ve given us here, Fran, with all of the beautiful images you’ve offered – the knee-tackling hugs, the bread crusts eaten, the simple gifts, the smoothing of the hands. Just…gorgeous.


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