All you Bloggers out there-Here’s a Surefire Tip…

Looking to increase your online presence? Grow your group of followers? Expand your audience beyond this TwoWritingTeachers crowd? I have just the advice for you- PUT DOG IN THE TITLE.

I wasn’t particularly looking to do any of those things. But last year I wrote one post that started it; a genuine small moment where I was walking past a woman and dog. I was struck with the discipline of the dog and the clear, close relationship between them. The dog remained sitting on the cold sidewalk, motionless, glued to her eyes, not moving a muscle in reaction, as I passed them. I did my best to describe what I saw and posted it. I titled it “Good Dog.” I guess I had learned about tagging by then and must have tagged the post with “dog”, maybe “dog training.”

Well, since then I keep acquiring new followers! I look at the email notifying me and I don’t recognize the name. That is because they are not us, dear TWT friends. They are dog lovers.

Do I get new followers lured in by my tags for “school?” “ Virtual education?” “Child development?” Even “nature” or “grandchildren?” No, never.

So… if you happen to be looking to increase your online presence as they say, and grow your followers- use those tags and be sure there is a DOG in there somewhere.

And gosh, I’m afraid to see what you might unleash (ha ha) if you ever, ever, have the nerve to use the word— PUPPY.

This photo is from Petfinder. May they all grow up safe and happy, to be Good Dogs.

10 thoughts on “All you Bloggers out there-Here’s a Surefire Tip…

  1. Lots of truth in this post. I can’t stop smiling. Even here slicers are drawn to dogs and cats. My posts featuring my critters slicing are always among the most popular. I have plans for one more animal post this month.


  2. I’m giggling to myself, because at 55, I’m newish (2 years) to dog ownership, and while I would have skated past a dog post in the past, now it would be click bait – like that adorable puppy picture, too 🙂 I have not sliced much about my pup yet – perhaps this weekend, I’ll see if your trick works!

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  3. I know anything with a dog, puppy, pup, canine, bark or woof in the title draws me in! I worry about humans who don’t feel the same way. That picture of the puppy says it all.


  4. That is so interesting that you have been able to discover this little hack! I guess I didn’t even realize that WordPress was a public place but now that I think on it it is ridiculous that I even remotely thought that… Cheers to cute dogs and puppies and new followers!


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