Here’s BlueCat

BlueCat has long, skinny legs and ears you can see the sun shine through. Big eyes and freckles dashed across nose and cheeks. He has toasty hair that when it grows long, sprouts a variety of cowlicks. BlueCat wears clothes in all one color, without words or pictures- one day all green, one day all black, one day all blue., one day all gray. He builds, he draws, he scooters, he climbs and plays games. When he climbs he is brave but cautious. When he builds he can follow directions and he can invent. When he plays games he cares, but he also knows how to lose. And now BlueCat can even read! He laughs out loud at the funny bits.

BlueCat is a scientist. He studies dust motes and static electricity, prisms, computer programming, the insects in the park, snails in the irrigation channels, the shells on the beach. He learns from the scooter whooshing along the downhill curve, the wind carrying the kite and the water moving in waves. 

BlueCat likes to understand things and asks hard questions. He wants a real answer but he doesn’t want to hear about things that are too sad.

BlueCat can be a little moody, sometimes a little ferocious and growly. He needs his time alone, and when he takes himself away into a room you can hear him story-telling as he jumps from bed to floor around and around accompanied by his imagination. But that is private, those stories that feed him. 

My mission: to study BlueCat like a playwright, to lure him to me like a beautiful fish, to love him like family.


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