Not Exactly Nicknames

Dear Writing Fellows,

I know some of you have dealt with this problem. I want to write about children I know and especially children in my family but I don’t want to use their real names on my blog. Of course I trust YOU all, dear twowritingteacher friends. But it’s a big bad internet out there and best be careful.

I see how some of you solve this, so cleverly. One tells stories about her granddaughter “Lemon.” Another has a granddaughter “Frog.” One has two sons, “Hippo” and Rhino.” I read stories about “Rainbow Girl” and “Sweetie.” I love these solutions!

I just need the perfect alias/moniker/appellation/pseudonym/sobriquet (yes, I did look it up) for my grandson and granddaughter. I decided to ask them what they want to be called.

Stay tuned to find out!

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