Love, Ms. McCookie

Years ago when I taught first grade, one of my saucy six year olds started calling me Ms. McCookie. I admit I loved it. I’m returning to my alter-ego, Ms. McCookie, today as I am reminded to just lighten up.

How many months of virtual learning are we into? How tough is it for my 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders to stay attentive to the screen as the days go on? Today I taught a new science lesson on fossils. I perused you-tube for a short video to accompany my virtual lesson. I chose the one with-

The dinosaur reading the newspaper on the toilet.

That was definitely Ms. McCookie at work. I am usually so serious. Now, be reassured that the video was perfectly accurate in it’s words. It was made by a reputable source. It was just what I needed.

The kids, too. They loved it. Let’s all lighten up a bit when we can.

Love, Ms. McCookie

3 thoughts on “Love, Ms. McCookie

  1. This reminded me of our stories today. We are writing autobiographies and today we shared our toddler stories. Every one of my boys had a poop, pee or fart story to share. It’s what they love, you are a hero for giving it to them!


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