The Night Before the Anniversary

This time one year ago I was on an unexpected Spring Break.

School closed and the vacation was moved up.

I was enjoying my March of writing and blogging.

I had plans for the garden.

This time a year ago plus one day, my daughter was injured in an accident.

My husband and I collected cash and medical supplies and flew to Cuba.

We went to Calixto Garcia Hospital for the first of many interpreted meetings with doctors, interpreted by our daughter’s friends.

We saw our daughter flat and immobile in the ICU.

This year, today, we sat together at dinner

And reminisced, ate and drank,

Remembered dark moments and laughed at them

And toasted with gratitude the healing of the year.

March 2020

10 thoughts on “The Night Before the Anniversary

  1. Wow! Praying you never have an unexpected spring break–or any day–like that again. I’m glad for you that it is a year in the past.


  2. Oh my god, it must’ve been so scary. I’m so glad she is well now and you can even laugh at those dark moments.


  3. Remembered dark moments and laughed at them – This line sticks with me.
    I wonder what it will be like once this pandemic ends?
    I wonder if I can remember it and laugh?
    I’m going to remember this line.
    Thanks for sharing and being a model of what it can be.


  4. Wow! So glad you were able to celebrate together this year. It warms my heart that your daughter was cared for at this particular hospital in my home country of Cuba. Hugs to you and your family.


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