A Favorite Photo- April, 2020

I am giving you a gift of love today.

You really don’t need to read any further, because the picture tells its own story.

This is one of my favorite images. It was in April of 2020. Remember then? We were just starting to get serious about Covid. I was sitting in my parked car, downtown by George Washington Hospital, when this cat lady crossed the street.

Love? First, she is loving herself. She is wearing big purple dish-washing gloves. This was at a time you could hardly find medical gloves to buy, so she is serious and resourceful. She is loving herself and she is loving others, wearing a purple bandanna as a face mask. This was when we were just starting to wear masks. Again you could hardly buy the medical ones, folks were sharing patterns and hacks for face masks all over the internet. She is making do.

Making do? She’s stylin’.

Love? With a wad of bread in hand, she is shepherding the ducklings and their mama across a downtown street to safety.

That April day I leapt out of my car and zoomed in on my phone camera to capture this moment. I didn’t know if she was a nurse or a doctor arriving at the hospital, or a homeless person. Or whatever other identities we use to sort our neighbors. What I do know is that she is personifying love, and I feel privileged to have crossed paths. With the cat lady and the ducks.

7 thoughts on “A Favorite Photo- April, 2020

  1. This is an excellent photo that I could see on the New York Times! What a GREAT shot. I love how you’ve interpreted and described what you’re seeing. My first thought was not love, but given the time of year and where our world was, it makes total sense. Thank you for sharing this! You’ve inspired me to consider using pictures with commentary for blog posts 🙂

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  2. I love this photo. I love your words describing the moment. I love seeing an image of one human and one duck family as one crossing the street. This photo has such care and concern for all sentient beings at its center. Thank you.


  3. Your photograph is delightful! I initially saw only the humor in it, so it was enlightening to read your description of what you saw and extrapolated. It was well worth your explaining the picture.


  4. This is precious! It could be an amazing story starter for a classroom of writers. You are so lucky to have been able to see this and document it. I love how you included that the woman may have been “a nurse or a doctor arriving at the hospital, or a homeless person”. Whoever she is, she is generous with her love.


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