The Heart’s Desire

What is your heart’s desire? What does it reveal about you?

I thought of this when my daughter was very young. For her third Christmas she wanted a balloon and an umbrella. So sweet! She was constant and clear- that was her heart’s desire.

Recently my six year old grandson asked for a remote-control … something. It could be a car, truck, boat, creature. But what he cared about was for the controller to be able to see out of the eyes of the machine. That took my breath away; I had never even considered that! His heart’s desire was to be able to see what it sees, to inhabit the machine. Grandma’s mind blown.

My little granddaughter will soon turn four and we ask what she wants for her birthday. Soft pajamas (don’t we all!) A blue owl stuffy. This proves hard to find, but I see why she conjured up this image- it would be the perfect combination of her love of birds and of blue and of soft, squishy things.

Finally, her heart’s desire is to have a Pteranodon. But it has to be bigger than the plastic flying dinosaurs they already have. Perhaps this is a result of having a big brother? Her heart’s desire is to have the BIGGEST Pteranodon!

6 thoughts on “The Heart’s Desire

  1. Such a sweet post! This reminded me of my sister who is almost 13 years younger than me. When she was 3 years old it was her heart’s desire to be a bus driver or a taxi driver when she grew up. Why? Because she saw me start driving!

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  2. I love the contrast in the different desires of the ones you love and tried to untangle each one. This is truly a special piece and it made me smile.. funny. I never knew people called stuffed animals stuffies until this year and I can’t go back!


  3. I love it! I’m stunned by how certain young children are about what they want. We are remodeling our bathroom and I am finding out that I have NO idea what I want!

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