The Day the Boots Get Put Away

Our friends in the tropics might not feel the same joy this day brings. But other friends who will not have this day for weeks more to come, will feel it even more keenly than I!

Today I am putting the boots away. The heaviest, warmest snow-shoveling boots. The more flexible walking boots. The somewhat stylish but now scratched and dulled boots. Mine, my husband’s, my son’s.

This assortment has added up to a lot of old grimy boots on the hearth, just inside the front door. There are mud-colored water spots on the hearth tiles and small piles of grit fallen off of them as they have re-entered the house over and over this winter.

Today the sun is bright, the crocuses and snowdrops have pushed up and through, and snow and ice have soaked down, down, down. A sharp wind has helped wick the watery mess away.

Today I am putting the boots away- not fully away, but relegating them to less accessible closets and attic.

And I’m smiling as I bring out the sneakers.

Otto photobombing once again.

10 thoughts on “The Day the Boots Get Put Away

  1. Leave it to you to find the magnificent in the mundane. A well-crafted piece about noticing the little signs of Spring. Loved the details about the “mud-colored water spots on the hearth.”


  2. I love the way you describe the grimy scene of the foyer. I can imagine cleaning that up, making way for Spring. Such a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for making the ordinary seem extraordinary with your words!

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  3. I could picture all that in my mind before I even scrolled down and saw your picture (and your adorable, black cat!)! I thought about doing the same thing yesterday – maybe that will get done today! 😉


  4. I also like how you took a chore, let’s be honest, and made it a celebration! The boots took on a life of their own. I think we’re a couple weeks yet, but you’ve made me excited about what this signifies.


  5. Lovely time of year when this gets to happen! I like your hearth and fireplace. I think without the boots it must be even nicer! Otto did a great photobomb! Beautiful cat.


  6. I love the way you have crafted small little moments to make much of a bigger issue, the end of winter(!) I don’t live in the tropics but we don’t have your winters and I can appreciate the inner warmth you must feel and putting winter stuff away. Love the photo!
    PS absolutely love Otto!


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