Winter Lights

It’s been a winter.

Covid bullied us into visiting outside

all summer and Fall, then we

Persevered into winter, pulling apart

The chairs on our porch

That used to be clustered

Bought heaters (blew the circuits)

Found ancient long underwear,

Greyed in the back of a drawer

Brought out blankets

Toughed it out for Thanksgiving,

Christmas, family dinners on Sundays

I’ve discovered a good thing about memory-

The body forgets discomfort

Childbirth an extreme example,

Another- my daughter’s wedding day

It was so, so hot, but I only

remember happy

What will I remember from visits this winter?

Our lights; Michael put them up

Fairy lights ringing the porch

Plus paper lanterns, then we found some stars

A neighbor child walked by at dusk and told her mom

We looked like a fairy castle!

And this twinkly heart

He made from an extra strand

It adorned the porch first

It transferred to my son’s bed- pillow 

to welcome him when

Jobless this winter, he moved back

It’s inside a window now

A corner window, to be shared

With strangers and with neighbors

It’s been a winter, but

I will remember perseverance

and our lights

12 thoughts on “Winter Lights

  1. “The body forgets discomfort” – great line. This is important to think about- I’m wondering if I should be more conscious about remembering the hard stuff from this time, or if it’s a good thing to mostly remember the bright spots.


  2. It has been a winter. February was twice as long as last year. I love the idea of your home as fairy castle. The image of those lights is so pretty. I want to look at it all day.


  3. Oh wow! That image! It enhances the image you created in your poem. I’m thinking your porch is a happy place. I bet your son felt very welcome to come home again. I hope things are looking up for him.


  4. Love your photo and the poem behind it, that illustrates it all and how you helped to keep winter at bay. I don’t live in America and I can’t imagine the winters you have to endure, but this sure gives a great picture of dealing with the depths of a winter that goes on forever!


  5. Lovely imagery in those winter lights. I especially love the first full opening line — “Covid bullied us into visiting outside” — and the closing line “I will remember perseverance
    and our lights”. You have found the important things to hold on to this year.


  6. I love the feeling of this poem. It feels warm and strategically paced, as though it is marching forward, persevering in itself, thus matching the content. I also wonder what we will remember once time passes. I find that some things, our minds and bodies forget, but others get trapped in one or the other or both. Time will tell. Thanks again for sharing.


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