She wondered…

She wondered…

Am I too busy with virtual teaching?

After all, I still don’t use Whiteboard or Nearpod, and I 

don’t even know what all else I should be learning…

Or am I too lazy, petrifying in my cozy house this winter?  

Heavens knows, the introvert in me has embraced a quiet life.

Maybe I don’t want to upset my comfortable apple cart.

Would my time be better spent in exercise?

There are those eight pounds to lose, and it will take a lot of walking to shift them.

Not to mention my balance is off, upper body has no strength, and everything needs stretching.

Or should I be sorting, cleaning, emptying old closets- all the things everyone else 

in the social media sphere seems to have gotten done, and somehow I 

Have fallen behind…

Then there’s the actual writing-

Am I alert? Paying attention to capture those small moments?

Can I find freshness in my perspective? In my writing?

Do I have an original metaphor in me? (That apple cart thing was pretty weak!)

Can I keep up the pace?

Is what I say of any interest to others?

Well….. let’s stop waffling and just jump. 

(Even though bad mixed metaphors may become my trademark!)

 “Yes,” she said. “Yes, I will join the March Slice of Life writing challenge this year.”

18 thoughts on “She wondered…

  1. So me! I wondered and still wonder if I have it in me this year, even though it is my 7th in the challenge. I worry my topics will be too boring as I am once again only at home. Ah, well #togetherwearebetter. Glad you are here!

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  2. Funny– I spent some of yesterday straightening up closets. And I’d love to drop eight pounds. Maybe that one isn’t mutually exclusive to the SOL Challenge. Metaphors, or not, your voice was clear and funny in your post, and I’m glad you’re doing it!


  3. I love your reflections, especially the ‘petrifying in my cosy house this winter’, you portray all those little traps the introvert can so easily fall into….I hope you have a wonderful month of slicing your way out of it!!


  4. So many of your questions and thoughts speak to me, especially the organizing and cleaning closets and cabinets. I always have the intention to do that, but I have done none of that. I am also nervous about writing a slice every day. My morning writing was different today because of the challenge, and I am totally discombobulated. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


  5. Fran, I enjoy reading your posts. It’s reassuring to see you jump in, with a mix of doubts and confidence that you’ll rise to the challenge.

    Also, you were on the Welcome Wagon and you encouraged me two years ago, when I (first and last) did the challenge. You made a huge difference in my willingness to persist! Thank you! Now I am back with my own doubts, but I’m ready to give it another try.


  6. Great, Fran! You’re excuses are spot-on. So many of us can relate to them–especially the cleaning out closets that has gone out of my head during the past year. I think the last thing I cleaned out was my spice cabinet last April, and that for a school project. I’m so glad you took the plunge! (Here’s to all the mixed metaphors!)


  7. Love this battle with all the excuses that keep us from doing something we really love – so much truth, humor, and wisdom in it. We mustn’t petrify -!! Writing is certainly one way of keeping the soul from doing so. I am so glad you jumped.


  8. I love how you let us enter into your mind in this piece… Not only can I and many relate, but I could feel the shift in your thinking through the flow of your writing. Cheers to the ongoing battle we all face in our minds!

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  9. Fran, you captured all the many excuses that could be used to not write so well. I related most to the question: Would my time be better spent in exercise? So many choices. So glad all your questions ended in the affirmative!!


  10. Ummm there are so many things to appreciate here, but I am just going to start and say your blog’s name is freaking awesome! It strangely gives me all the feels and makes me feel like I am home…AND then I get to your website and it is just so beautifully laid out! Great job!

    Comments on writing: There were many lines that I connected to and “Am I alert? Paying attention to capture those small moments?” really resonated with me. I have had to work on appreciating the small moments, especially during a year like this…it’s easy to wish for so many other things and we all should try to pay attention to capture the small moments.


  11. Too busy? Too lazy? Too introverted? Too many other things to do? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! But March wouldn’t be the same without this challenge. Great to “read” you again!


  12. So glad you joined…despite the litany of reasons not to! Happy to have you back, and to answer your question…yes, you do have things to say of interest! 🙂


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