Moment of Zen

During this time of COVID 19 staying at home, we are viewing our homes and in fact our lives as both prison and haven, as limited yet also rife with opportunities.
Today was a stormy, rainy day as Hurricane Isaias hits the Eastern United States. But just now I went out to my porch to lie on the sofa and saw this through the skylight above me. I am so grateful for my home, my porch, and the ever-changeability of weather, life, and spirit.

Imagine this as a video, with the clouds scudding across the sky and patches of blue forming and shifting shapes.

4 thoughts on “Moment of Zen

  1. Windows can be such a powerful metaphor for conflicting feelings–opportunity, safety, boundaries, limitations–depending on if you are looking out, looking in, and what can be seen. Your contrasting images of the storm and the clearing sky play with this contradiction.

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  2. A short, yet powerful insight has been shared here Fran. Punchy, powerful words that resonate with perceptiveness. Our homes do become either prisons or havens depending on our attitude and resolve. The addition of the photograph hammers home your personal take on all these current challenges. Thank you for your important words.

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  3. This was a moment of zen for all of us, as well as the reminder of the balance that exists between opposites, largely driven by our perception (prison/haven, limits/opportunities). I am finding that time looking up at the sky is soul-filling, too!


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