A Fable for Today

Once upon a time there was a little princess. She was not a famous princess, but she was beloved. And because she was so loved, she was protected, in a tall tower.

The little princess lived in her tall tower where she played and sang, jumped and had stories. She had friends with her there, Eagle and Hummingbird, Chase and old Teddy. The sun shone in the windows and there was laughter every day.

But something was missing. So the queen thought and thought, and then brought to the tower a different kind of companion for the princess. It was a little can with some soil. And into that soil, the princess tucked- a seed!

Now, she knew a seed was a magical package, that could reveal amazing things if given a little care. So she put the can in the warmest, sunniest spot. Each day the little princess measured out a dropperful of miracle-making water and gently poured it on the soil.

Well, many of you can imagine what happened! First, the excitement of a single green loop appearing! The loop unfurling to a stem, the first two baby leaves unfolding. Then two more leaves twirling out to their heart-shaped width. The plant grew tall out of its can.

Every day the princess gave it water. Every day she watched, she never tired of it. Her plant rewarded her by changing every day. The changes happened so slowly, others in the high tower might not have noticed, but her eyes noticed.

Until there was something different appearing on the plant, a fuzzy bit, a swelling, a hint of a color-other-than-green inside. This extra thing got longer until it seemed like another package, all its own. What was inside? Our princess wondered and wondered.

And one bright morning, the package opened itself. The sun pouring in seemed to unwrap it, until it was a blue, bell-shaped… flower! With a white star inside it, and a white and yellow, fuzzy lollipop stick coming out from inside the star! The princess stuck her face and nose close in- it was glorious!

And well, here is a surprise to the story. A day came where the doors of the tower opened to the little princess. She ran down and out, to where the warm sun shone directly on her brown hair, and her feet felt the soft give of the soil under her. She scampered and ran, twirled and flung her arms up and shouted.

Then she slowed down and started looking more closely, as she had learned to do all those long weeks in her tower. She saw some big red flowers, and looked closely at them. Inside the red flowers was a darker center, and their lollipops stuck way out, covered with lots of starry puffs! She looked closely other places and saw a big grasshopper with its hard eyes, and a baby mantis with bright green legs as thin as threads. She looked closely at a tree and saw tiny snails, so tiny that five of them wouldn’t cover her little pinkie toenail. The baby snails were gliding out from their crack in the tree bark because they wanted to feel the sun, too.

And for all the rest of her days, the little princess knew how to look closely and see all there is to see.

Quarantined with morning glory.
During Covid 19 quarantine in Spain, children had to stay indoors for 42 days. Finally, outside in the park!

3 thoughts on “A Fable for Today

  1. Oh my goodness, Fran! How I have missed your writing. This fable is so incredibly timely, yet can stand the test of time. Just magical! Love this last line- “And for all the rest of her days, the little princess knew how to look closely and see all there is to see.” May we all look closely and see all there is to see.


  2. I agree with Cindy’s comment. Plus, I still just LOVE how you know plants SO well so as you describe what the princess saw, you include accurate details. So glad you added photos!


  3. Oh my, I love this. I love the tower metaphor and I especially love the plants observation connection – so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me!

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