She woke up too early- anxiety does that to her sometimes. It’s no use, no getting any more sleep, so she gets up, bathrobe on. Well, at least she’ll have more time to relax with the newspaper before work. She has a comforting routine, and right now she longs to curl up in the reading chair, soft fleecy blanket over her, tea on the table beside, perhaps a cat in her lap, reading the paper -comics, advice column, editorials, front page, international, special sections, metro- always in that order. But its probably too early for the newspaper. She puts the kettle on and goes to check.

Opening the front door , she steps out just to see. Feels cool concrete under her hot, bare feet. Sees the night-rain soaked front walk. No paper.

She stands there, takes a quiet moment to feel the moist air. Colors are grayed, muted in the dusky light. Foggy halos circle the streetlights still lit.

A quiet car glides by, slows at her house, and an arm emerges from the open window and flings the newspaper out to her sidewalk. “Thank you!,” she calls out. “Good morning!” A hearty young voice calls back, as the car continues down the block, never stopping.

For thirty-odd years, the Christmas card tucked into her December newspaper has been signed ‘Moses Cobblaugh.’ Who is this then? She wonders, Moses’ grandson? Great-nephew?

And, she wonders, how many unseen helpers support her every day, and provide her comfort?

9 thoughts on “Helpers

  1. This reads like an excerpt from a story, a well written story that transports the reader in time and place and character. You’ve inspired me to write in the third person – I’ve been struggling the past few days to get out of my own head and to find other voices. This is just another wonderful option – thank you!

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  2. Fran, you’re such an inspiration! I so enjoyed the surprise that today’s post was a special treat – you snuck me into your literary getaway, and all I was missing was a page to turn with thumb and finger!

    My mind was riddled with questions – “What’s the name of this book? Who are these characters I’m growing to love? What will happen next? Will the next chapter be tomorrow?”

    My favorite line? “Foggy halos circle the streetlights still lit.” #sigh Beautiful! How powerful is your writing that you leave us wanting more. This is a testament to your craft – and you did it well. #lovedit

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Carla Michelle


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