Orange Lunch

Lunch today

Usually I have my lessons prepped the day before.
Almost always I have my copying done, in batches, clipped and ready.
Frequently I can grade a set of papers during my planning period.
Most often I feel calm cool and collected.

Usually I pack my lunch the evening before.
Almost always I pretend the vending machines in the teacher lounge don’t exist.
Frequently I have left-overs in the small fridge, or nibbles in the drawer.
Most often I have a very reputable, healthy lunch.

But not today.
Consequence? This orange lunch.

(Oh, but I do love those barbecue chips!)

9 thoughts on “Orange Lunch

  1. I too like the succinct manner in which you described your typical habits. I really like this idea for creating slices…when something steps out of our norm. I really admire all you do typically, but I especially admire how you can laugh off a lunch like todayś.


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