A New Group

“In Nanaville there is always in the back of my mind the understanding that I am building a memory out of spare parts and that, someday, that memory will be all that’s left of me.” 

― Anna Quindlen, Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting

There’s a new group in town, and I’ve been invited. Today was the first meeting of the Grandmother Group. My friend, grandmother of two little boys, had recently read “Nanaville” by Anna Quindlen and had lots of new grandmother topics she wanted to talk about. She invited seven others. We are all friends from long ago when our children went to elementary school together. That is a special bond, even if you don’t keep up so well in the twenty- some odd years since.

We are grandmothers to singletons, twins, step-children and siblings. One babysits five days a week, one hasn’t met her grandson yet. Some see the grandchildren regularly and easily, others rely on electronic connections and international flights. We are all absolutely gaga over these kids.

We talked politics, decluttering, and the best playgrounds. We avoided talk of illnesses and aches. We ate a lovely ladies’ lunch. We passed photo albums, framed photos, photos on phones, and a photo calendar around the table. We admired everyone’s while privately, confidently, thinking ours the cutest, the most brilliant. We hugged and decided to try meeting bimonthly.

I came home and ordered “Nanaville” online. Guess what popped up in the “Products related to your order” bar? Freezer labels and Ear Plugs-Value Pack.
I don’t think Amazon gets the kind of Nanas we’re going to be!

Sharing a special rock

12 thoughts on “A New Group

  1. Haha! that ending took me by surprise! I love that you captured the movement in the way you all travel, the artifacts you all brought to the table. Everything about this piece creates a buzz for the energy that you have all created for your grandchildren. So, no Amazon, we will not be needing earplugs!


  2. Thanks for sharing! Today’s grandparents are certainly writing a different definition of grandparenting. I like to think of ourselves as more than earplug-wearing, freezer-labeling folks.


  3. That sounds wonderful! My book club is made up of 10 women who have been together since 2004. Now we are all grandmoms; one just became a great-grandmom last month. None of those things would be on our shopping lists either! I loved Nanaville.


  4. I definitely need to order “Nanaville”. What a fun idea to have a Grandmother’s Group – where else can you talk and brag about your grandkids so freely? It’s amazing how you have bonds with the people your own kids grew up with. (We are so lucky to have lived in the same place for so long, to have such a strong community!)
    And, of course, you all privately thought (knew?) that your own grandkids were the cutest!!

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