Now I’m Just Making It Up

A real photo, three made-up stories. What do you think happened?

Late February I was anticipating this March challenge and trying to put on my writer’s eyes. When I noticed this, I couldn’t just keep walking. I pulled out my phone to take a photo and said, “maybe I can write about that.” Today’s the day.
Only its not MY slice of life, but someone else’s. So I have to make it all up.

Story #1. He gave her the big heart-shaped box of chocolates as they were riding the elevator down to leave the office. Oh, wtf, she thought. Whatever is he thinking? So inept, no social skills, hasn’t got a clue. Nevertheless, she loved sweets. So she opened it and started eating as he trailed her all the way to her metro stop. He didn’t seem to notice she didn’t offer him any, he wore a sweet smile just to be with her. When the last candy was swallowed, she said,”Since you just don’t seem to get it, I’ll be perfectly clear. You and I will NEVER be in a relationship.” That last, stiff caramel had given him two extra minutes of hope before the blow. She thrust the empty box at him and disappeared down the shadowy escalator. He barely felt the box drop from his grasp.

Story #2. Sal bought the biggest box, to surprise Lil on their first Valentine’s Day living together. Didn’t get the reaction she wanted. Lil went off on her. What a stereotypical, sexist, capitalist, unoriginal thing to do, on and on, blah blah blah. Sal had to get out of there. After she left, Lil needed to get out in the fresh air, too. She took the box and somehow ate every candy without noticing. Well, she did notice the last one- the chocolate covered cherry- when the sweet syrup dripped down her wrist. It was as if she woke up, licking her fingers. It was so sweet, the chewy cherry so red, the chocolate so rich.

Story #3. At dusk, the city raccoon peeked out from the hole in the oak. Scooted down the rowhouse gutter and into the alley. Bonanza! A broken box in the delivery ramp behind CVS. Nimble fingers clutched the shiny red shape as the raccoon ran into the shrubbery. Plucked off the plastic wrap. The smell of food drew the raccoon neighbors, babies and Aunties. In the dark, they picked candies up in their delicate fingers. They licked their lips, they licked the box. The raccoons like nougat the best.

10 thoughts on “Now I’m Just Making It Up

  1. What a great photo and three very plausible scenarios. I am going with number 2. Yet we will never know which is why this is a perfect slice of life.!


  2. This is brilliant! Not one, but THREE stories hiding in that photo. Like choosing from a box of chocolates, I cannot decide which one’s my favorite. Your craft is so clever- the caramel prolonging his anticipation, the cherry syrup dripping down her wrist, and nougat being the racoon’s favorite. These stories make me smile.


  3. This is such clever writing… I read through it twice marveling at your humour and thinking and use of the ‘life is a box of chocolates’ metaphor. I loved it!


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