Missing Grandchildren Far Away

It’s like there’s this best series on tv- hilarious, warm, poignant, perfect for your viewing pleasure- but you are not able to watch it. You can’t be in the right place at the right time. And you can’t tape it or stream it and you certainly can’t binge watch it later. You just missed it. Many weeks in a row. When you start to watch again, you’ll just have to pay close attention, catch up, and never know quite all that you missed.

Or try this- it’s like the most delicious cake (insert your favorite here, with lots of layers and fillings and icing on top) is on a shelf. It’s always there and you think about it all the time but you can’t have it. But its so delicious! You want it everyday.

Or- (because I like to do things in three’s)- It’s like you get to live through all the seasons but you somehow keep missing out on Spring.

Have I showed you that I miss my grandchildren?

Where are they?

11 thoughts on “Missing Grandchildren Far Away

  1. You show us how tough it is to live so far from your grandkids and how much you miss them I can’t imagine missing Spring every year – this example resonates the strongest with me. Thankfully we have ways to communicate these days where you at least get little glimpses of their lives. Not enough, but something.
    And the photo – I LOVE it!!

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  2. Yes I fully understand how you feel as I live thousands of miles away from my kids and grandchildren for most of the year. You have described it so touchingly and your photo is the icing on the cake!


  3. Ah! Such evocative examples- I miss my mum and I know my children miss their gramma and grandpa so much – we are counting down to their visit soon! Thank you for this piece.


  4. Oh my goodness, the feet sticking out in the pic captures the elusive spirit of this piece. I love the three examples to drive home the sentiment. May you see your family soon- perhaps virtually?


  5. You made me cry! Love this post. Your metaphor of the cake and the TV series and finally watching the seasons go by, and always missing spring, that’s when the tears filled up in my eyes. Brilliant writing!
    Being a grandmother myself, I know how great that joy is, and how your grandbaby is never far from your inmost self. That grandchild is the air you breathe and the warmth of the sun, so integral a part of your universe that you never feel whole without them. My heart goes out to you. I hope you get to see your grandchild again soon. Save this post for the grandchild for later. Make a book and collect your thoughts, essays, poems and pictures. It will be a beautiful gift and keep you connected, even when not there.

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  6. I was sad in your last post and then you show your sadness SO well in this piece (in case you didn’t realize, I’d using my Sunday to catch up on all the reading I missed this week!). Your TV analogy is so strong. We live in a world where we can stream so not being able to do so is a huge loss. Love the hidden grandkid photo at the end! Nicely crafted!!


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