THAT Color

Wise quilters will tell you
Watch out for that color
It does not play fair
With all the others

The blues, greens, browns,
Reds, fuscia’s, vermillions
In their solids, stripes and patterns
Work together

But not that color; if you
Put a square of it in
All eyes will go to it
It can’t help it, it just happens

And right now in the springtime
Midst browns, grays and greens
Patterns of mud ripples, old leaves,
Colors of death from long winter…

THAT color takes over
Draws our eyes ever to it
Surpasses all around it
In burst of daffodil.

12 thoughts on “THAT Color

  1. I. LOVE. THIS.

    First, your poem is beautiful and lyrical and felt so original…the first line caught my eye!

    Second, the imagery was gorgeous and compared 2 of my favorite things–quilts and daffodils! Made me smile! Thank you for your slice!!


  2. I loved this post – it’s been a long time since I made a quilt, and your post has me thinking that I might just have to jump back into it this summer when I have some down time!


  3. I feel like you perfectly quilted together my exact sentiments this time of year. The repetition of “that color” really added to the rhythm and tone as I read the poem. Thank you for sharing your poem!

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  4. Yellow is such an interesting color. I love it. My room was daffodil-yellow when I was little. But, recently I read that it can have negative effects on mood. Still pondering that.


  5. I love this! I like the way that you built up to the ending and revealed the color. My favorite part is “It does not play fair With all the others.” So fun! 🙂 ~JudyK

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