Not the Books on My Nightstand

I often read about what books are on your nightstand, by your bed. You invite me to ponder, what do they reveal about you? Well, I will share today what books I have in my bathroom, by my toilet. And you can ponder what you will.

And admit it- do you keep a crossword puzzle, Sudoku book, or magazine in there? I thought so.

By my toilet I have a paperback world atlas. Because my knowledge of geography is terrible and I would like to improve it. Also, to dream of travels.

I keep any professional magazines I have received recently, because I really don’t like reading them and maybe I will get to them over time in there. I really should read them.

I currently have two books I serendipitously found in used book sales. One is The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman. This is a book that is fun to dip into, and find evidence that I am not just some nitwit who is pushing the door at the hinge side, or can’t figure out how use the shower faucet at the hotel. In fact, I learn, they are poorly designed. Because good design, by definition, makes its function clear.

The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton is the classy entry in my bathroom reading collection. It is beautiful series of essays deeply examining travel. In it, Botton is honest about the grumpiness, lethargy, ungraciousness that can assail us as travelers. But he also examines the vision of artists, the curiosity of scientists and musings of philosophers. You can wonder what you would bother painting if you were Van Gogh. What you would find significant, which cathedral or gate would be your favorite, if the guidebook wasn’t already telling you. What other culture suits your spirit. I find this book delightful but honestly- I can only take it in small doses. You’ve heard of slow food, how about slow read? And this way I have time to consider his thesis for one essay for myself before moving on to the next.

There is another used book sale find, an out of date travel guide to Spain. I picked it up because that is my next trip. Out of date is fine because I don’t need to know the latest trendy hot spot. I need to know the coastline, the climate, the paella, almond sweets, wines and cheeses, and the siesta schedule.

And last, there is always a catalog- a clothing, shoe or garden catalog. Because it is always a good time to window shop.

In my bathroom.

4 thoughts on “Not the Books on My Nightstand

  1. A new, original, take on the “what’s on my nightstand idea” – having a little fun with it? There is an eclectic variety of reading materials to be found with choices to suit any mood:)) I’m really excited to your trip to Spain!


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