Just Do It, or “Thanks, Katie”

I am fortunate to work in a school where many teachers also teach yoga. And often, as they work on their certification or their practice, they have offered free yoga classes after school for staff. In fact, this has been going on for years (with interruptions) through many generations of teachers. Whether in the library, music room or a classroom, we push back the tables, roll the carpet, sweep the floor (yuk) and put down mats and blocks.

My current school yoga teacher is Katie. Tiny, olive skinned, braid down her back, muscled as a fist. And kind, so kind. The participants range in age from 20’s to 60’s (that latter would be me) and all are made to feel equally welcomed, successful, and beloved in the universe.

(Side note: Katie does this to her first graders, too. And you should hear her read aloud Junie B. Jones. She relishes, she inhabits, she IS Junie B.!)

Anyway, today I was a mess. My allergies are rampant and my meds insufficient. I couldn’t breathe. I had damp Kleenex tucked in my sleeve all day (yuk.) Kids were looking at me with concern and asking if I was OK. But at 3:30 I got my mat from the classroom closet, changed into stretchier clothes in the little girl’s bathroom, and went to yoga.

And felt great. Not right away. At first my nose was dripping during my down dog (yuk.). But soon I realized I was breathing. I mean properly, through my nose! And I felt open and clear. And strong.

So for today’s slice, I say, “Thanks, Katie.”

From my refrigerator.

10 thoughts on “Just Do It, or “Thanks, Katie”

  1. What a great way to end the day! It’s so nice that you have teachers that also teach yoga. We had yoga after school a few times after school through health initiatives and it was such a perfect end to a busy, exhausting day. I do yoga at the gym I go to, but miss going right after school! Glad you could breathe through your nose again!


  2. I can so relate on the allergies front- damp Kleenex tucked in sleeves and all! Apparently yogic breathing can open up the airways! Love your description of Katie- muscled as a fist, relishes Junie B. This slice certainly put a smile to my face.


  3. It seems that yoga was the perfect way to end your day. I like the description of getting ready for the class – , grabbing your mat, changing in the little girl’s bathroom, all the while, your nose dripping. So glad you could breath by the end.


  4. Sounds like a great experience. I meet my sister at Aqua Fit. Sometimes I am feeling anything but fit, and I want to call her and cancel, but I enjoy our time together so I force myself to go even when I don’t want to. After the class is over I am always glad I went.

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  5. I’ve missed my yoga class for several weeks – ugh! I really need to get back. The comic made me laugh! My favorite lines: And you should hear her read aloud Junie B. Jones. She relishes, she inhabits, she IS Junie B.! Great word choice! Also: muscled as a fist. Great image!


  6. love your comic at the end Your yoga class sounds a little like my gym- very welcome and a wide range of people Glad it made you feel better How great to have that right there at your school- I like the way you wrote about it.


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