The Cool side of the Pillow

As winter slides into spring, I am in no hurry for heat.
I want to sleep in a cold room, buried under thick duvet,
Like Heidi in her loft.
When I wake up hot, I turn my pillow over
To lay my tired head on the cool side.
I want the delicate yellow narcissi and purple crocus
To stay awhile, buoyed by chill;
The white-pink cherry blossoms to cluster, buds and open,
And linger, linger, linger over all the tourists’ heads, reluctant to fall
Like the friendliest snow.
I want the tiny red-green tree leaves, lying curled in buds,
To stretch and separate ever so slowly.
I want to swathe my neck in a scarf and feel the morning air
Caress my eyes like cool water.
As winter slides into spring I am hoping
It will go slow.

4 thoughts on “The Cool side of the Pillow

  1. Oh! This captures my feelings exactly. Every image is perfect, but we natives know they can be fleeting. My mom used to say, “In Washington, spring was a nice day.” The burst of spring is amazing, but over too soon.

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  2. I, too, hope Spring doesn’t rush by too quickly. Let’s savor the cherry blossoms for as long as they’ll last, and marvel at the crocuses and snowdrops that dare to come out while it’s still so chilly. But it’s DC – totally unpredictable.
    Love the title, love the images, love that you enjoy those cool breezes and sleeping in a cold room. Maybe I’ll be able to appreciate that part of Spring more because of your poem!

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