Our Little Mischief

Clothed, temporarily.

The Grandpa and I sit in front of a computer, while our daughter holds a cell phone. We are “face-timing” or “hanging-out” or whatever- we are video-calling because they live far away. The phone bobbles and bounces as our daughter tries to capture our two grandchildren in motion and as she occasionally loses control of it to the wayward almost-two year old.

This little mischief looks at the phone then earnestly zooms in close and we see her big brown eyes and then up her nostrils. As we talk with her brother she steals his Teddy and stays in the periphery out of comic terror at being found out. The she tells her Daddy, “ Jo jo give H. Teddy!” So not true.

She comes back in visual range and starts disrobing. Apparently this is her latest love. Her parents negotiate, “Mommy will help you get your pants off but the diaper stays on.” She accepts that deal just long enough to get the help, then removes the diaper, too.

I ask about the potty, and learn she uses that same trick. Wants to sit on the potty, great! Let me help you with the pants off. As soon as that is accomplished, magically no more need to poop.

The kids get out some dress-ups and she is busy wrapping golden Monarch Butterfly wings around her naked body.

As we finally get a minute to talk with the parents, we hear the two kids in the background chanting, “Naked Party!” Two year olds are hard to beat.

6 thoughts on “Our Little Mischief

  1. What a fun phone visit! The phone bobbles and bounces. We face time too, but not yet to the chant of “Naked Party.” Two year olds are terrific!


  2. This could have been a description of my two trying to video call with grandparents a few years ago. It was wonderful to hear your version of the grandparent end of the call because my end felt like all chaos all the time. I love the name “little mischief”, too. So great.


  3. I love to read about your grandkids and your Face-time with them. It’s interesting how the interaction is framed – the running in and out of the frame, the zooming in and out, the conversation out of visual range, etc. It’s effective in conveying the non-stop energy of the kids.


  4. Haha! My kids usually grab the phone and run around the room with it! Unfortunately, grandparent calls are usually short and filled with images of the floor. Glad you enjoy them anyway!


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