A Corny Photograph

My friend wrote about an old family photograph, full of family dynamics, formerly mod-cool clothes, and expressive about where each family member was at that point in their life.
That inspired me to share with you a really corny photograph, that I am grateful to have.

My daughter’s family lived in Thailand, and on a trip there to see them, my husband and I took a wonderful side trip to Cambodia to see the great ancient temple-palace of Angkor Wat. For our main day of touring we hired a guide- named “(Just call me) Justin Bieber.” I guess his friends think he looks like Justin Bieber, or perhaps American tourists can remember that more easily than his actual name.

‘Justin Beiber’ was a good guide- plying us with cold water bottles, sitting us in the shade when we about to perish. He kept us away from the big groups and made us feel we had an intimate visit with the murals and rooms and passageways of the huge temple complex. He only told us a few things we were sure weren’t true. His English wasn’t quite good enough to understand and answer our questions, but I appreciated all that he could tell us.

And part of what he determined was his job, was to stage certain souvenir photographs to take of us. Over here, in the arch, with the three towers in the hazy morning distance- a famous spot. Later, Stand here, he told me, chin up, look there, a little over… I had no idea why until I saw the photo- me rubbing noses with a gigantic carved face of Buddha!

And another place he insisted on “the very romantic one.” Sit here (on a rock), lower, now you (to my husband) now kiss!

Tired (in our 9th hour of sightseeing that day), rumpled with sweat, a little impatient with each other, a little done with having a guide… still we complied. Here is the photo. Very romantic, no? I’m happy Justin Bieber made us sit for it.

The “very romantic one”

4 thoughts on “A Corny Photograph

  1. There is a lot of humor in your post – from Justin Bieber to the limited understanding to the posed photographs as you are sweating and rumpled. Yet, the staged photos are quite effective. The photo of you and your husband is beautiful and I imagine you probably don’t have too many quite like it. (And we aren’t seeing it next to others just like it, ha, ha.)


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