Writing this Month

The year of the pig says “can do!”

As I begin my writing for this March challenge, I am scared.
Yet- I have done it for the past four years.
I have been looking forward to it, to getting my writing mojo back.
I have friends who support me, who write with me, who read me.
I have been a cheerleader to others, encouraging them. I hear myself saying, “yes, sometimes I write my piece before work in the morning. Yes, you can find time- it really doesn’t take that long. Yes, you really take on a writer’s mind, looking for ideas all day. Yes, you will be so grateful you captured many of these memories from your life. Yes, some of your writing will wind up being a treasured gift to a loved one. Yes, you will grow as a writer this month.”
But right now, I feel so boring. And lazy.
What do I have to say? Hey, how about that masked singer show? And- have you been watching the same HGTV I’ve been watching? Too much TV makes for a dull blog. I am not feeling inspired, energetic, perceptive or clever. I am feeling in a rut.
So, perhaps this is the best time to write. To agree to have to write. To find my small moments, perhaps containing hidden gems. To try something new when I am totally at a loss. To notice and capture a small slice of my life each of the next 31 days and put it out there.
What is it they say, the unexamined life is not worth living?
Here we go.

8 thoughts on “Writing this Month

  1. I often have the same worries about writing! This is my first year of Slice. I love what you said about approaching the day with a “writing mind”. Excited to see where the month takes us!


  2. I’m so glad to see you here, Fran! I was looking and looking down the list for your name. We can do this. I’ve watched quite a bit of TV this gray winter, too. Cheers to writing!

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  3. I’m smiling. How often do we have to convince our students that there has to be something to write about in their “boring” lives? The thing is, I know you, and I know how you are able to tease an amazing story from the flower in your backyard, or the walk you took with your husband, or your shoes. I can’t wait to see what gems you find in your boring life. (And don’t I know the feeling of boring and lazy!)


  4. Believe me, I am Fran’s SIL and she’s far from boring. Looking forward to reading her every word. It’s in her genes. Creativity, observation, and heart !

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